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AC-3USB-2PD: Universal 65W Wall Charger, 3 x USB, QC3.0, Type C 15W, PD 20W outputs

$ 27.95

AC-3USB-2PD: Universal 65W Wall Charger for phones, tables, & more. Has 3 x USB outputs and 2 Type C (PD) outputs. USB outputs are up to 3.1A each; suitable for all phones/all brands, tablets, GPS, Cameras, Powerbanks, and more. 
The QC3.0 port can automatically identify different charge current and voltage level requirements (5.0VDC, 9.0VDC, or 12.0VDC); it is suitable for nearly all portable electronic devices.
The PD15W port is quick charge type C output, for all phones, Tablets, and more.
The PD20W (also Type C) port identifies different charge current & voltage requirements.  It is suitable for nearly all portable devices: phones, tablets, GPS, Powerbanks, and many laptops. Voltage and charge current adjusts to needs of device; Voltage range 5.0VDC, 9.0VDC, 12.0VDC. PD20W has charge current output capable of up to 4A maximum.
Ideal wall charger for ALL iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc.
Ideal for all other major brands of smartphones and tablets as well.
The output ports are lit, so when the Charger is plugged in, you can easily see it in the dark.
This smart wall charger can charge up to 5 devices at the same time. Has wall prongs for north America, but can be used worldwide with only a prong adapter (can plug into 100-240VAC).
Has built-in over-current protection, overheating protection, and short-circuit protection.

Product dimensions: 2.5" long, 2.2" tall, 1.1" thick. Weighs about 3 ounces.