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8HR-AAUW-D : 9.6v 1650mAh NiMH battery with wire leads

$ 39.95

8HR-AAUW-D : 9.6 volt 1650mAH rechargeable NiMH battery for R/C, custom applications, etc.  SQUARE style (4" long x 1 1/8" x  1 1/8"; can stand up on a table). Includes wire leads for connecting to your requirements (RED=POS+, BLACK=NEG-). These battery packs are manufactured in the U.S.A. by Batteries America.

Compatible with the following R/C transmitter batteries:

For SPEkTRUM DX7, DX6, etc. Replaces original # BP-A, JR-A, JR-2, JR-2S, JRPB5011, JRPB955, & more.

For AIRTRONICS RD8000 transmitter.
If you have AIRTRONICS RD6000 or RDS8000.

For Futaba 6VA, 6NFK, 6YK, 7NFK, 7CAP, 8AUT, 8UHF, 8UHP, 8UI, 8UA, 8UAFS, 8NFK, NT8C, NT8iB, 8UAF, 8UAP, Futaba Super 8, Futaba 10C, Futaba 10C, Futaba 10CAG, Futaba 10CHG, Futaba 10CG, Futaba 9C, Futaba 8C, Futaba 7C, 9VAP, 9VHP, 9ZAP, 9CAF, 9CHF, 9CAP, 9CHP, 9ZAW, 9ZAWS, 9CA-PCM, 9CHF, 9CHPP, 3EGX, conquest 6, skysport 6, etc. Replaces NT8iB, NT8S700B, NT8S600B, etc.

For JR PROPO JR-2, JR-2S, JR-A, JRPB5011, etc. For XP6102, X9303, XP9303, XP9103, XP8103A, XP7202, X378A, XP662, XP9503, older DX6, older DX7, DSM 11X, JR 11X, etc.

For HiTEC 54114, 58101, 58207, etc. Fits Optic 6, Eclipse, Flash 4 & 5, Focus 2 & 3, Laser 4 & 6, Neon-SS, Prism, Lynx.