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6x1SMCX: micro Charge adapter for 1S batteries

$ 14.95

6x1SMCX: adapter for charging up to 6 x 1S LiPO batteries.  Attach up to 6 x 3.7v LiPO batteries (of the same capacity) for parallel gang-charging from a single red JST charge port.  The 6 small connectors are known asn "MCX" connectors, or "micro JST", or JST 1.25mm. The tiny 100mAh, 110mAh, 130mAh, 150mAh, 160mAh, and 180mAh 1S 3.7V LiPO batteries will plug into this adapter.  You can simultaneously charge up to 6 little packs at a time from a red JST receptable (like on the CoolCharger), or use with the 1S-CHG-JST to charge from a USB2.0 style port. Charges batteries in Parallel.