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6x1SMCX: adapter for charging up to 6 x 1S LiPO batteries.  Attach up to 6 x 3.7v LiPO batteries (of the same capacity) for parallel gang-charging from a single red JST charge port.  The 6 small connectors are known asn "MCX" connectors, or "micro JST"; the tiny 100mAh, 110mAh, 130mAh, 150mAh, 160mAh, and 180mAh 1S 3.7V LiPO batteries will plug into this adapter.  You can simultaneously charge up to 6 little packs at a time from a red JST receptable (like on the CoolCharger), or use with the 1S-CHG-JST to charge from a USB2.0 style port.