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6X0850-0004 : Recloser Control Battery for Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories SEL-351R

Sold out
$ 225.00
Energy+ Part:  6X0850-0004
Brand:  ENERGY+
Type:  Sealed Lead Acid
Voltage:  12.0
Capacity:  8.0 Ah
Color:  Red White Black
Size:  6.16" X 4.09" x 3.96"
Contacts:  .250" Tab
Warranty:  12 Months

12 volt 8Ah rechargeable Sealed Lead rechargeable battery for Schweitzer Engineering Labs model SEL-351R line recloser controls. Product dimensions: 6.16" long X 4.09" wide  x 3.96" tall. Replaces EPG-0497 and others.