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6HR-SCU-BP: 7.2 volt 3000mAh NiMH RC Motor Packs

$ 46.95

6HR-SCUBP: 7.2 volt 3000mAh NiMH RC Motor packs, made with 6 x FDK (SANYO) HR-SCU 3000mAh Sub-C cells. Cell size = 1.35" tall x 0.88" diameter. Choose Shape and Connector from drop-down menus. Pricing reflects options chosen. Pricing starts at $50.00.  

These battery cells are made in Japan. Premium quality. The packs are made by US.

For a Transmitter pack (Multiplex), choose Twin Stick with JR connector.

Dimensions of Twin-Stick Pack with Connector: Approximately 5 3/8" long x 1 7/8" across x 7/8" thick.