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6HRAULBF : 7.2v 2150mAh NiMH battery for Futaba, HT6F1700B, HT6F1800B

$ 42.95

6HRAULBF : 7.2 volt 2150mAh rechargeable LONG LIFE NiMH battery.  Provides about 25% more operating time than the original stock Tx battery.  Fits in Futaba transmitters such as T12FGA, T12FGH, T8FG, T8FGA FASST, T12FGA etc.  Replaces original Futaba battery model # HT6F1700B, HT6F1800B  These battery packs are manufactured by US right here in the U.S.A. !  Includes Futaba connector.  Re-charges with stock charger, or with an external smart charger.  Dimensions: 5" long, 1 5/16" across, 0.7" thick.