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6AATx-Z (Aquila) : 7.2 volt rechargeable NiMH

Original price $ 40.00
Current price $ 24.95

6AATx-Z: 7.2v rechargeable Tx battery for Airtronics Aquila series. Includes Airtronics Z connector.  Made with 6 x AA size rechargeable batteries.  Choose capacity (1100mAh NiCd, 1650mAh Ni-MH, 2000mAh eneloop NiMH (PRE-CHARGED), 2500mAh NiMH, 2550mAh eneloop NiMH (PRE-CHARGED), 2700mAh NiMH.  Replaces Airtronics NH6N-1500P.  Pricing reflects capacity chosen.   Pricing reflects capacity chosen.