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5N700AACW : 6.0 volt 700mAh AA rechargeable NiCd battery

$ 21.95

5N700AACW : 6.0 volt  700mAh rechargeable Ni-Cd receiver battery pack.  Made with 5 x N700AAC "AA" size cells (Panasonic-Sanyo branded).  6-volt battery packs provide better operating voltage for larger servos, and when long servo wires are used.  Replaces original Futaba part #s NR5F, NR5R, NR5T; Replaces JR, SPEkTRUM & HiTEC part #s JRPB3140, 57401, 57402, 57404, and more. Choose Pack Shape, and choose wire leads or Connector from scroll-down menus. Pricing reflects options chosen. These battery packs are manufactured in the USA by Batteries America.

Dimensions of Flat pack: 2" tall, 2.85" across, 0.6" thick.

Weight of these 6.0 volt packs: approx. 5 ounces.