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5KR1300SCW : 6.0 volt 1300mAh Sub-C rechargeable NiCd

Original price $ 30.00
Current price $ 29.00

5KR1300SCW: 6.0 volt 1300mAh Ni-Cd receiver battery packs for RC.  Made with Panasonic-Sanyo "Sub-C" size cells.  Choose Pack Shape, and choose wire leads or Connector from scroll-down menus. Connectors are $ 3.00 extra. Pricing reflects options chosen.  Each cell is approximately 1.75" tall x 0.88" diameter.  Flat pacck is 4.4" across, 1.75" tall. 0.88" thick.  Good for Quarter-scale models and larger.  Recommended chargers: YT-0006S, UP100AC, Ni-Charger.