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5KR1100AAUW : 6.0 volt 1100mAh AA rechargeable NiCd battery for R/C

Original price $ 30.00
Current price $ 29.95

5KR1100AAU : 6.0 volt 1100mAh long-life rechargeable Ni-Cd receiver battery.  Made with 5 x high-capacity premium AA-size cells. 6.0 volt battery packs provide better operating voltage for receivers, and perform better in models with longer wiring, bigger servos, etc.
Replaces original battery pack models such as JRPB3140, HiTEC 57401, 57402, 57404; Futaba 6v.
Choose Pack Shape, and choose wire leads or Connector from scroll-down menus. Connectors are $ 3.00 extra.
Flat pack dimensions: 2" tall x 2 3/4" across x 0.57" thick (approx.). Weight: approx. 5 ounces.

These battery packs are manufactured in the USA by Batteries America.