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5HRAUW : 6.0 volt 2700mAh A-size premium NiMH

$ 45.00

5HRAUW: 6.0 volt 2700mAh Ni-MH long-life Receiver battery packs. Made with # HR-AU 2700mAh "A"-size premium battery cells.  Each cell is 2" tall and 0.65" diameter - slightly wider than a AA cell.  Choose Shape, and wire leads or connector. Net pricing reflects options chosen. Connectors are $ 3.00 extra.
The advantage of the "A" size cell is that it can handle a more robust charging rate than the AA cells.  They are heavier as well, in case your modelling requirements demand extra weight for balance & ballast. Flat pack dimensions: 2" tall, 3 1/3" across, 0.67" thick.