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5HRAULAF : 6.0 volt 2150mAh NiMH battery for Futaba. Replaces HT5F1800B, HT5F1700B

$ 42.95

5HRAULAF: 6 volt 2150mAh rechargeable high-capacity battery for Futaba RC transmitters. Replaces original battery # HT5F1700B , HT5F1800B.  Provides more operating time than original battery.  Fits Futaba transmitters such as T10J, T4PK, T8J, T10JA, T6J, 4PX, 4PL, 4PKS, T14, T14SG, 14SG, 4PK FASST, T12K, T12, 12K T-FHSS, 16SZ etc.  Re-charges thru the radio (if equipped with a charge jack) with the original stock Futaba wall charger, or with an external smart charger.
This battery pack fits into the back of Futaba transmitters, or up in from the bottom of other Futaba transmitter models.  
Battery pack dimensions: 1.75" x 3.2" x 0.625". Includes Futaba connector. These battery packs are made in the USA by BATTERIES AMERICA.