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5HR3U2700W : 6.0 volt 2700mAh AA high-capacity NiMH

$ 39.95

5HR3U2700W: 6.0 volt 2700mAh high-capacity Ni-MH receiver battery for R/C.  Made with premium HR-3U2700mAh (AA-size) cells.  Exclusive items. Choose Pack Shape, and choose wire leads or Connector (Futaba, JR-SPEkTRUM-HiTEC-Z, Airtronics). Connectors are $ 0.95 extra.

NEW OPTION - add an EC3 (blue) power connector to the battery pack ($6.00 extra).  The EC3 connector is ideal for providing higher current, or for a quick-charging connection.  Replaces OEM battery packs such as JRPB5012, SPMB2700NM.