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5EP5000SCR-TJR : 6.0 volt 5000mAh premium NiMH

Original price $ 65.00
Current price $ 47.95

5EP5000SCR-TJR: 6.0v 5000mAh rechargeable Ni-MH battery for HPI Baja 5T, HPI Baja 5B.  These are high-output, high-capacity battery packs with Tamiya connector and JR male connector.  They are made by US right here inthe USA.  Dimensions: 2.75" across x 1.75" tall  x 1.65" thick.  Weighs about 14 ounces.
If you want a red JST connector added to the battery pack (for a total of 3 connectors), please choose it from the menus.  Price is $ 4.00 extra.