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5BK-3MCCA-6.0L-JR : Custom 6v 2000mAh Eneloop nosecone stick battery for RC

$ 59.95

5BK-3MCCA-6.0L-JR : Custom 6v 2000mAh Eneloop NiMH nosecone battery for RC. These arrive to you Pre-charged and ready to use. Made with 5 AA-size rechargeable NiMH cells. This special design will fit in nose cone or thin fuselages. Design is stick of 3 with a stick of 2 right next to it. Connector & wires exit out the back end.

Pack is Approximately 6 inches long; padded at front for nosecone protection; with 6" wire & JR-HiTEC-SPEkTRUM-Z connector (this will fit in JR, SPEkTRUM, HiTEC, Futaba, and Airtronics Z equipment). These are made to order.