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50W Solar Panel Charger + Accessories. VALUE PACKAGE !

$ 99.95

50W Solar Panel Charger. Includes an assortment of Charging cables.
* Flexible, waterproof, high-efficiency Solar Panels.
* Fully expanded size: 38" long x 11" wide.  Has 3 large Solar Power Panels. 
* Folded size: 11.5" tall x 11" across x 1" thick.  It folds into its own carrying bag, secures with velcro, and has a heavy-duty carry handle.
* Using high-quality monocrystalline silicon solar cells, PET packaging, higher power generation efficiency.
* Has adjustable support stands on back, to optimize angle for Solar Power Conversion. 

* The surface of the solar panel is waterproof, frosted fabric, not easy to scratch.
* USB fast + DC output interface, supports most mobile phone communication protocols.
* Braided strap and silicone handle design, very easy to carry.
* Suitable for outdoor cycling, climbing, hiking, camping, tourism and emergency.
* Has built-in USB output port (5VDC), AND 12VDC output port. 
* Includes USB charging cable with 8-Pin lightning, Typc C, and micro USB connectors. ($15 value)
* Includes adapter cable to 12VDC Socket. ($12 value)
* Includes adapter cable to 12VDC Plug (for plugging into a 12VDC socket) ($12 value)
* Includes adapter cable to 12VDC Clamps ($15 value)
* Adapter Cables all fit comfortably inside the velcro Pouch on back.

Solar Cell Type: Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cell
Power: 50W
Component efficiency: 25%
Maximum power point operating voltage: 18V
Maximum power point operating current: 5.5A
Number of cells: 36
Power tolerance: 5%
Open circuit voltage: 21V
Short circuit current: 5.5A
Packaging material: PET
Output Connector: USB2.0 port, and 12DVC (coaxial port)
Service life: 20 years
Folded Size: 290*300*25mm