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4KR1100AAUW : 4.8 volt 1100mAh AA rechargeable NiCd

Original price $ 28.00
Current price $ 26.95

4KR1100AAUW: 4.8 volt 1100mAh rechargeable Ni-Cd receiver battery packs.  Made with 4 x  high-capacity premium AA-size cells. Same physical size as common stock Receiver battery, but provides LONGER LIFE.  Choose Pack Shape, and choose wire leads or Connector from drop-down menus. Connectors are extra $. Replaces many battery pack models, including NR4J, NR-4J, NR-4M, NR4M, NR4QB, NR-4QB, 54117, 95004Z, 95098Z, 95008Z, JRPB3140, 95009Z, 95003Z, FNR-4J, FNR-4QB, and many more.  These battery packs are made in the U.S.A. by Batteries America. Weight of this 4.8 volt battery pack: approx. 4 ounces (112gms).  Connector (Futaba J, or SPEkTRUM-JR-HiTEC-Z, original AIRTRONICS, RED JST) is installed for $ extra.

Recommended chargers: RCC-2S-10S, FBC-19B(4), Ni-Charger, H6AC, CG-25A, NEC-221, YT-0006S, CG-25A, UP100AC, HiTEC X4AC Pro.*