4H1650 (replaces 4H1500) : 4.8 volt 1650mAh rechargeable NiMH

by Batteries America
$ 39.00
$ 24.95


4H1650 : replaces JR # 4H1500.  Specs: 4.8volt 1650mAh rechargeable Ni-MH battery for JR PROPO receivers.  Includes JR plug for connection to receiver or switch harness, and a second Charging Plug (white base) to attach to your JR charger.  This charging Plug is linked to a thermal protector inside the battery pack, to prevent overcharging.  This1650mAh battery provides about 10%-11% more operating time than the original battery.
These custom battery packs are MADE IN THE USA by BATTERIES AMERICA.  Higher capacity battery packs are available, if desired (see menu). Base pricing for the 4.8 volt 1650mAh version is $ 24.95. Upgrade to 2000Ah Eneloop NiMH PRE-CHARGED for $6 more.  Or, upgrade to 
2700mAh for $8 more.