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3LP7530100C10 : 11.1volt 2500mAh LiPO transmitter battery

$ 35.95

3LP7530100C10: Rechargeable 11.1 volt 2500mAh Li-POLY battery for RC Transmitters. Has connectors for SPEkTRUM, JR, Futaba, JST-GWS.  Replaces Futaba square-type transmitter batteries such as NT8iB, NT8S700B.  Fits in Futaba transmitters 7C, 8C, 9C, etc; SPEkTRUM DX-7s, DX-8, DX-9, 8103, 9103, 9303, 9503, etc; JR 11x, etc. Includes 3S Balance connector for smart-charging. Re-charges with smart Li-PO chargers such as B3AC, H6AC, YT-0006S, UP100AC, Triton, HiTEC brand, etc.