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2XMP402W : 24V 1500mAh battery for Westinghouse line reclosers

$ 119.00

The 2XMP402W is a 24 volt 1500mAh rechargeable Ni-Cd battery assembly for Westinghouse series line reclosers. Made with special high-temperature Ni-Cd cells. Replaces original model #s 401101-100, N20023310, S-630A221H01, S630A221H01. Has heavy-gauge wire leads with Spade terminals.  (RED=POS+, BLACK=NEG-).
Product dimensions: 8.85" long x 1.85" wide x 1.83" tall. Weighs approx. 2 lbs.

Brand:  ENERGY+
Type:  NiCad
Voltage:  24.0
Capacity:  1500 mAh
Color:  Black Case
Size:  8.85" x 1.85" x 1.83"
Contacts:  Wire Leads Spade Terminals
Warranty:  12 Months