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2S5700JR: 7.4 volt 5700mAh rechargeable Li-PO battery pack, for R/C hobby receiver use.  Includes male servo connector (choose from menua) and Balance Charge connector.  Dimensions: 5.5" long x 1.75" tall x 0.68" thick; weighs 7.7 ounces (219gms).  Re-charges at up to 1C charge rate; provides power at up to 10C discharge rate.  Ideally suited for long-duration receiver usage. Has super-efficient capacity-to-mass ratio.  A voltage regulator is recommended for use in conjunction with 7.4 volt Li-PO receiver batteries.  These exclusive premium Li-PO battery packs are manufactured in the USA by BATTERIES AMERICA.  Recommended charger: YT-0006S, B3AC, UP100AC, or other approved smart 2S Li-PO charger.  If you prefer battery with FUTABA J male Rx connector, please choose Futaba J when ordering.  Both versions will include the White Balance Charging connector.  Can also be ordered with Red T Ultra connector, EC3 connector, or Tamiya connector.