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2S3000FJ : 7.4v 3000mAh LiPO battery for Futaba Transmitters T10J 14SG 16SZ 18SZ 4PLS

$ 39.95

2S3000FJ : 7.4 volt 3000mAh rechargeable long-life Li-PO battery for Futaba Transmitters. Replaces original battery #s HT5F1700B , HT5F1800B, FUTM1484, 5HRAULAF, etc.  Provides superior operating time over the original battery packs.  Fits Futaba transmitters such as T10J, T4PK, T8J, T10JA, T6J, 4PX, 4PL, 4PLS, 4PKS, T14, T14SG, 14SG, 4PK FASST, T12K, T12, 12K T-FHSS, 16SZ, 18SZ, etc.
Dimensions: 71mm x 47mm x 15mm Appr. (L x W x H) ; Approx weight: 100gms. 
Includes the Futaba J connector, which plugs right into your transmitter. Also has the white Balance connector, and an additional power/charge connector. This will enable you to access and charge the battery with having to unplug it from the transmitter.
This 2S3000FJ is a Lithium Polymer battery. Your original battery was either a NiMH battery, or you used the 4xAA battery tray. This 2S3000FJ Lithium Polymer battery requires a smart Li-PO charger to recharge it; it cannot be charged thru the radio with the original stock OEM wall cube charger.