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2S2100-LiFE : 6.6v 2100mAh Li-FE battery for RC hobby

$ 34.95

 2S2100-LiFE : 6.6volt 2100mAh rechargeable Li-FE battery (Lithium Iron Phosphate) for RC hobby. Includes JR-HiTEC-Futaba-SPEkTRUM receiver connector, Red T power connector, and white Balance Charge connector. Ideally suited for use as a receiver battery, for low or high current demand. Typical operating voltage output is 6.6VDC. Battery is expended when voltage arrives at approximately 4.5VDC after thorough usage. Li-FE batteries retain their charge when not being used for up to 1 year. This battery can typically be re-charged with an RC Smart Charger designed to be capable of charging Li-FE batteries.
Capacity (mAh) 2100 mAh
Number of Cell(s) 2
Dimensions 105 x 33 x 16 mm
Recommended Charge Rate 2.1A (1C)
Maximum recommended discharge rate: 30A
Balance Connector XH (also called JST-XH, Align type, the most popular type in the market)
Power Connector T Plug (Deans Ultra compatible)
Net Weight 120g, 4.2oz

Recommended charger: H6AC (works for Li-FE, Li-ION, Li-PO, NiCd, NiMH)