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2-Pack of UB12120 : Pair of 12 volt 12Ah Sealed Lead Batteries

$ 110.00

2-Pack of #UB12120  12 volt 12Ah Sealed Lead Rechargeable Batteries. Dimensions of each battery: 5 15/16" long x 3 11/16" tall x 3 7/8" thick. Weight: 8.62 lbs. Has Spade Lugs on top, color-coded for polarity.  See compatibility lists below.

This Battery pair replaces model #s such as

  • D12S (AJC Battery)
  • BP12-12/EP12-12 (BB Battery)
  • EXP12120/BLMFM12.12 (ExpertPower)
  • NP12-12T (EnerSys Genesis)
  • ML12-12 (Mighty Max)
  • ES12-12 (MK Battery)
  • PK12120 (Power King)
  • PS-12120 (Power-Sonic)
  • GB12120 (PowerStar)
  • SG12120T2 (Sigma Power Systems)
  • SP12-12 (SigmasTek)
  • TR12-12 (Tempest)
  • UB12120 l (Universal Battery)

  • Used in mobility scooters (including Shoprider 109101-66703-12P, Drive Medical Scooter 4), jump starters, portable 12 volt power supplies, Medical devices, Emergency Lighting, UPS Systems, Underwater Fish Finders/Cameras, Fire & Security Alarm, Game Feeder’s, Game Decoy’s, Radio Control, Robotic, Invisible Pet Fences, Communications, Telemeters, Camera’s & Photographic Equipment, Hobby Equipment, Small Toys, Street Lighting, Pumps, Solar Power.

    When ordering online, the pricing includes $ handling charges, due to excessive weight of the product.

    Medical device/brand compatibility:
    Bariatric Lift (Requires 2/unit) • B00925 • B00926 • B11621 • NP12-12 • PS12120



    MARQUETTE) Aisys Carestation Anesthesia Delivery System (Requires 2/unit) HILLROM Composer (Requires 2/unit) ON3 Lateral Transfer Device Versa Care Bed (Requires 2/unit) MAQUET-STIERLEN OR Table 1000 (Requires 2/unit) OR Table 1130.01



    BURDICK) Surgical Table

    BEAR) Avea Vent (External) (Requires 2/unit) CARESTREAM HEALTH DRX Revolution Mobile X-Ray System (Requires 20/unit) GENERAL ELECTRIC (CRITIKON

    AVI) Blood Pump 5000 System I Heart Lung Machine 8000 ABIOMED AB5000 (Requires 2/unit) ACOMA MEDICAL MBA 200 Portable X-Ray (Requires 20/unit) AGFA HEALTHCARE (SEDICAL) DX-D 100 (Imaging System) (Requires 30/unit) BIRD PRODUCTS CORPORATION (VIASYS

    ACOMA MEDICAL IMAGING MBA 200 Portable Batteries Only (Requires 9 Per Unit) CANNON RadPro 32kw Generator (Requires 30/unit) SIEMENS MEDICAL Mobilett Batteries Only (Substitute for Sonnenschein listed above) 3M HEALTHCARE (CENTRIMED

    6850 Table (NV0801) (Requires 2/unit) Hana Surgical Table (Requires 2/unit) Spinal Table (Requires 6/unit) Spinal Table Jackson 5803 Base (Requires 2/unit) PULMONETIC SYSTEMS LTV 950

    1420.01B (Requires 4/unit) MEDCARE PRODUCTS Cart (Requires 2/unit) OSI (MIZUSHO) 6800

    113001D OR Table Remote Control SKYTRON 6100 Elite OR Table (Requires 2/unit) TOLLOS MEDICAL