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PB-20000-Qi: Solar Power Bank Battery Charger, Qi Wireless, 20,000mAh

$ 49.95

PB-20000-Qi : Solar Power Bank with WIRELESS Charging & 20,000mAh internal Li-Po battery.

Arrives to you PRE-CHARGED & READY TO USE !

Charges virtually any portable device or battery via dual 5V USB2.0 outputs (charge rate up to 2.1A out of each port ). Also has Qi wireless charging (Qi charge rate approximately 1A).  It will charge smartphones (iPhone 8 & newer, Samsung, LG, etc), Tablets, GPS, Cameras, etc. Can re-charge multiple devices at the same time! Also has built in Reading Light / S.O.S. signal / Strobe light. The 20,000mAh Power Bank ensures multiple re-charges of your Smartphones & Tablet devices.

The PB-20000-Qi Power Bank re-charges the internal battery via 4 fold-out Solar Panels, OR via micro USB input. Has easy-to-read LED power status indicators. Internal battery can be fully re-charged via micro-USB cable (included) in about 10 hours. Re-charging the internal battery via the Solar Panels typically takes about 2 days.  
Solar Power Bank size: 7" tall, 4" across, 1.5" thick. Opened up size: 7" x 14". Slim, compact, portable, lightweight; handy for instant charging power. Re-use again & again!
Package includes:
(1) Solar Power Bank
(2) USB2.0-to-micro USB charge cord

When the PB-20000 is fully depleted, it should be recharged thoroughly before it can be used again.  Re-charging methods are via the Solar Panels, or with the supplied USB micro cord, plugged into a USB outlet (500mA-2A out) of your choosing.  The wall Charger is not supplied with the package. Wall Charger part # MO-V9-AC.