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eneloopProTx9.6 : 2550mAh Ready-to-use NiMH battery for RC transmitters

Original price $ 79.00
Current price $ 55.95

EneloopProTX9.6 : 9.6 volt 2550mAh ENELOOP PRO Ni-MH rechargeable Battery packs for RC transmitters.  Square shape, like in picture.  Dimensions: 4" long x 1.2" x 1.2".  Capacity 2550mAh. These battery packs arrive PRE-CHARGED & READY TO USE !  Eneloop Pro NiMH battery cells will retain their charge for years when not in use.
Choose connector (Futaba, JR, PROPO, SPEkTRUM, HiTEC, Airtronics), and choose extra charging leads if desired.
Replaces NT8S700B, NT-8iB, JR-2, SPM9521, JRPB5011, JRPB955, 54114, 54115, 58101, 58207, etc.  Pricing reflects options chosen.