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$ 29.95

FNB-V94: Yaesu-Vertex 7.2 volt 1800mAh Long-Life rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack. Fits Yaesu, Vertex, and Stardard-Horizon radios such as FT-60R, FTA-230, FTA-310; VX-110, VX-120, VX-127, VX-130, VX-150, VX-160, VX-170, VX-177, VX-180, VX-210A, VX-250, FT-270R, FT-277R, VX-400, VX-410, VX-420, VX-800, VXA-150 Pro V, VXA-210, VXA-220 PRO VI, HX270s, HX370s, HX500s, HX600s etc.  For Amateur radios, aircraft radios, commercial radios, marine radios, military radios etc.
Replaces battery models such as FNB-64, FNB-83, FNB-83x, FNB-V57, FNB-V94, etc. 
Re-charges with NC-88BA wall charger, NC-72B wall charger, NC-72BA wall Charger, E-DC-5BA mobile charge cord, SDD-13 mobile charge cord, EMS-57-83 rapid charger, and all other OEM charger systems for Ni-MH batteries.