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CBE-8 : Battery Eliminator for Kenwood radios

$ 32.95

CBE-8: Battery Eliminator for KENWOOD radios such as TH-25A, TH-25E, TH-26A, TH-26E, TH-45A, TH-45E, TH-46A, TH-46E, TH-55A, TH-55E, TH-75A, TH-75E, TH-77A, TH-77E, TK240, TK340 radios, etc (all worldwide versions). Plugs into a vehicle 12-13.8VDC lighter socket; has 1m coiled cord; the battery housing end slides onto the bottom of the radio. Provides Hi-Watt operationg from a vehicle 12VDC socket, or other portable 12VDC power supply. Has built-in noise filtering, surge protection, and voltage regulation. Replaces batteries such as PB-6, PB-7, PB-8, PB-9, PB-10, BT-6, KNB-10, KNB-5, etc.