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8N-600AA: 9.6v 700mAh NiCd Battery for AIRTRONICS transmitters

$ 42.95

# 8N-600AA : 9.6 volt  700mAh rechargeable NiCd Battery for AIRTRONICS transmitters. Replaces original battery part #s 95090, 95010, 95011, 95052, SANWA 8N-600AA, S8N-700, etc. Re-charges with stock AIRTRONICS charger OR with stand-alone smart chargers. 

Fits in many different AIRTRONICS transmitters, including Vanguard, Quasar, Championship, RDS-8000, RDS8000, RD-6000, RD6000 etc.

Dimensions: 4" long, 1.25" across, 1.25" wide. Same physical size as original battery, but provides more running time. Includes Airtronics original style connector. Connector has 3 holes; Center is NEG(-) black wire.

Original battery was 600mAh capacity. This new battery is 700mAh, which means you get about 15% more operating time.

These battery packs are made in the USA, and are made to order,  by BATTERIES AMERICA.