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PB-20000-Qi: Solar Power Bank Battery Charger, Qi Wireless, 20,000mAh

Original price $ 110.00
Current price $ 59.95

PB-20000-Qi : Solar Power Bank with WIRELESS Charging & 20,000mAh internal Li-Po battery. Charges virtually any portable device or battery via dual 5V USB2.0 outputs (1A and 2A charge rates). Also has Qi wireless charging!  It will charge smartphones (iPhone 8 & newer, Samsung, LG, etc), Tablets, GPS, Cameras, etc. Can re-charge multiple devices at the same time! Also has built in Reading Light / S.O.S. signal / Strobe light. The 20,000mAh Power Bank ensures Multiple re-charges of your Smartphones & Tablet devices.

The PB-20000-Qi Power Bank re-charges the internal battery via 4 fold-out Solar Panels, OR via micro USB input. Has easy-to-read LED power status indicators. Internal battery can be fully re-charged via micro-USB cable (included) in about 10 hours. Re-charging the internal battery via the Solar Panels typically takes about 2 days.  
Solar Power Bank size: 7" tall, 4" across, 1.5" thick. Opened up size: 7" x 14". Slim, compact, portable, lightweight; handy for instant charging power. Re-use again & again!
Package includes:
(1) Solar Power Bank
(2) USB2.0-to-micro USB charge cord

This product arrives to you PRE-CHARGED & READY TO USE !
When the PB-10000 is fully depleted, it should be recharged thoroughly before it can be used again.  Re-charging method is via the supplied USB micro cord, plugged into a USB outlet (500mA-2A out) of your choosing.  The wall Charger is not supplied with the package. Wall Charger part # MO-V9-AC.