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P-P301 : 3.6 volt 400mAh rechargeable Ni-Cd battery w/ Black connector for Cordless Phones. Replaces Panasonic battery # P-P301 and many others, such as AT&T 23-281, CO100P2, P-P301PA1B, 2501, CP-3H02, P-P341PA/1B, 2505CC, CPB-403B, P3302, 2510, DRCB10, PCH02, 302215001, GN-3-1/2AACP, STB-124, 560508, GP30AAK3BMS, TA248, 720, KXA-36A, TL-6156, 91085, NC-T2/3AB, TL6156, BP-T16, P-P301, TP-3 1/2AAT-B, BT-185, P-P301PA/1B, Panasonic KX-A36A. Made with three "2/3AA" size cells (about 1.1" tall). Includes black connector.