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BP-173x: 9.6v 1450mAh NiMH battery for ICOM radios (replaces BP-173)

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BP-173x: 9.6 volt 1450mAh rechargeable Long Life & High Watt Ni-MH battery for ICOM radios. Replaces the ICOM BP-173, BP-172, BP-171, BP-180 batteries. This is an exclusive product, designed by Batteries America. Fits the IC-Z1A, IC-W31A, IC-W32A, IC-T22A, IC-T42A, IC-T7A, IC-T7H, IC-T7E, IC-T22E, IC-T42E, IC-W32E, etc. (all worldwide versions). Replaces BP-171, 172, 173, 180, etc. Provides High-Watt Transmit capability. Delivers more than twice the operating time of the original BP-173, while physically remaining the same size.
The BP-173x recharges through the radio with your original wall charger (takes 24 hours).
It can Also be charged by plugging your wall charger (12VDC 200mA) Directly into the charging port on the battery; this takes only 8 hours.
It also re-charges in an approved desktop charger (Such as EMS-173-180).
If you require a Wall Charger, we offer the BC-110AR, or WC-AIC (plus into radio), or the WC-173 (plugs directly into battery, 8-hr charge). Pricing is for 1 battery pack. Picture shows two sides of the battery.

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