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BP-197H : 6xAA Battery Case for ICOM radios

Original price $ 45.00
Current price $ 31.95

BP-197h: 6-cell AA battery case for ICOM IC-T8A, IC-T8E, IC-T81A, IC-T81E, IC-A23, IC-A5, etc.  Load with 6 x AA alkaline batteries (1.5V each) for instant high-watt power.  Replaces BP-197, BP-198, BP-197h, BP-198h, BP-200L, BP-199.  It utilizes twice as many AA batteries as the original ICOM BP-197, and thus provides more wattage than the original case.  The original BP-197 belt clip will fit on this new BP-197h.
You can also buy a new Belt Clip, if needed, from the menu options.